Tax Topics for Tax Preparer Initial Certification

Our tax prep classes and tax prep courses will show you that tax preparers are an important part of our community. The online tax education and continuing California tax education is not only CTEC approved education for the CTEC 20 hour class or the 60 hour qualifying class ( 60 hour CA qualifying class), but also as easy as ABC and you can complete a home study course and learn by mail or on the internet.

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Enroll in our basic tax preparation course. The online tax education home study course can be studied by mail or on the internet. Complete the following 30 Topics that are shown below to become a certified tax preparer.

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List of Topics            

Topic Name                                                  
Topic 1 - Exploring Publications
Topic 2 - Filing Status
Topic 3 - Exemptions
Topic 4 - Taxable and Non-Taxable Income
Topic 5 - Standard VS Itemized Deductions
Topic 6 - Medical and Dental Expenses
Topic 7 - Deduction for Taxes
Topic 8a - Tax Deductions for Mortgage Interest Expense
Topic 8b - Tax Deductions for Investment Interest Expense
Topic 9 - Charitable Contributions
Topic 10 - Casualties & Theft Losses
Topic 11 - Deductions for Job Expenses and other items
Topic 12 - Travel and Entertainment Expenses
Topic 13 - Earned Income Tax Credit
Topic 14 - Child Tax Credit and Additional Child Tax Credit
Topic 15 - Child and Dependents Expenses Credit
Topic 16 - Education Tax Credits, Scholarships and Fellowships
Topic 17A -  Social Security and Equivalent Railroad Retirement Benefits
Topic 17B - Credit for the Elderly or the Disabled
Topic 18 - Self Employment Income and Tax
Topic 19A - Tax Deductions for Depreciation
Topic 19B - Deducting Business Expenses
Topic 20 - Investment Income and Expenses
Topic 21 - Residential Rental Income and Expenses
Topic 22A - Property Sales
Topic 22B - Selling Your Home
Topic 23 - Contributions for IRA's and Pension Plans
Topic 24 - Pension and Annuity Income
Topic 25 - Divorced or Separated Individuals
Topic 26 - Tax Withholding and Estimated Tax
Topic 27 - Moving Expenses
Topic 28A - Alternative Minimum Tax
Topic 28B - Excise Taxes
Topic 29 - Amending Returns and Dealing with Audits
Topic 30A - Ethics and Correct Conduct
Topic 30B - Ethics Essay
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