Recruit and Train Your Own Tax Preparers

We offer you the opportunity to train your own employees. With the season just around the corner, now is the best time to start training the people you want working your tax preparation office. 

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You can train your own employees to make sure they learn the tax preparation rules and procedures well before they work for you. This is like conducting a thorough interview of your tax preparation employees before you hire them. Start gathering your tax preparation staff now for the upcoming tax season. Only hire the best people to work in your tax preparation office and make sure they are the best by supervising their tax training. Expand your tax business by finding the right people for the job. Know them well before you hire them. Our tax preparation training program makes it very easy for you to find tax professionals for the job. Train your family or friends to do the work that you love. Use our tax school courses to train them. With our tax training packages you can train 2, 3, 5, 20 or even 30 people and have a large selection to choose from in tax season. Train anyone that wishes to become a tax preparer. Recruit your tax preparers and interviewers now. Get paid to train your family, friends or other tax preparation job applicants. You don't have to guarantee employment because the qualifications and skills that they attain can be used in any tax preparation office. Only choose the best people to hire female teacher holding a red that reads TAX and writting the word taxes on a green board.for tax preparation work. You will know who is the best because you have trained and taught them with our tax training material. Training your own employees is the best way to grow your tax practice. Teaching your own employees is the best way to have competent people to work for you.

This tax training program is great! Now you can expand to different cities and find the right people to work in your tax preparation office.

Order the tax training packages today and start training your own tax preparation employees. With the proper tax preparation knowledge you can be an extension of our tax school and train people in your tax preparation office using our tax training material. We are available to assist you with any questions you may have or if you run into any problems. Set up times as often as you like to meet with the tax preparation students and help them complete the tax topics to get certified fast. Our tax preparation course contains the right material and all the topics necessary to start training your tax preparation employees right away.

Once the your tax preparation employee turns in all the necessary work and assignments, you will be able to issue a certificate that will be signed by us and by you as an assistant instructor.

Tax Training Kit Offers:

  Visa MasterCard American Express Discover/Novus Diners Club Tax Training Kit size Training Kit Price Price Per Student
Tax Training Kit 1 Add to Cart 2 Students $499.77 $249.89
Tax Training Kit 2 Add to Cart 3 Students $539.77 $179.92
Tax Training Kit 3 Add to Cart 5 Students $849.77 $169.95
Tax Training Kit 3b Add to Cart 8 Students $1,279.92 $159.98
Tax Training Kit 4 Add to Cart 10 Students $1,499.77 $149.98
Tax Training Kit 5 Add to Cart 15 Students $1,949.77 $129.98
Tax Training Kit 6 Add to Cart 20 Students $2,197.77 $109.89


Sign up your preparers now so they can be ready by tax season!


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