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Welcome to our tax books page, where you will find a listing of tax books and related items such as tax ethics education, self employed tax help and strategies for lowering taxes. Every year plenty of tax books are written to help people learn how to prepare their own taxes. In addition, there are many more tax books for tax accounting professionals to help them not only learn about tax law but also dealing with the IRS, states, and win tax audits.

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Many of these tax books cover the new tax law changes and offer tips for tax planning with the goal of minimizing taxes. Some tax books are easier to understand than other tax books. More tax books are comprehensive and other tax books are meant as reference to find tax information quickly. When selecting which tax books to use, you always have to dig into your ethical mind. While these tax books are a good source for expanding your tax education, some may not be written with ethics in mind. Such tax books as "How to Pay Zero Taxes" don't seem to have the ethics concept in mind.

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