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The following tax certification material is what a tax professional should know to be considered well-learned in tax matters. The tax professional who has successfully attained the following knowledge, we believe, will have demonstrated sufficient competence in taxation.

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In our effort to comply with and support the new tax education requirements and efforts in the improvement of professional education, we encourage you to complete the following programs of study. These courses consist of various levels that will help you become a well-learned and knowledgeable tax professional. Once your certificate for the basic tax course has been issued, you can be considered certified in taxation and even obtain a tax preparer's license where one is required. Afterwards, you should consider advancing your education and spreading your knowledge to other topics such as in bookkeeping, payroll, and more advanced tax preparation topics. You can be known for specializing in specific tax accounting work, such as in corporate taxation or in the taxation of estates and trusts. Upon completion, we will issue you a frame-able professional certificate of completion.

For those seeking to be registered with CTEC, you must complete one of the level 1 courses. It would normally make sense that if you take a more advanced tax course that this should qualify you for CTEC licensing. The fact that you are taking a more advanced tax course should mean that you already know the level one material. However, CTEC wants to make sure you have covered certain specific items set force in the guidelines. Again, at the moment only the tax courses labeled level 1 are qualified for CTEC approved courses to be a registered California CTEC tax preparer.

For all others, you are welcome to start with the more advanced tax courses. However, you should probably start with the level 1 tax courses if you don't have any previous tax training or background.

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Please NOTE: For Basic Tax Preparer Certification, you only need Level 1 - Choose one level 1 course from the list of three; not all three.

The tax courses in the first row are level 1. Now you have a choice of which level 1 tax course to take. Select from the following:

Basic Tax Course level 1 image Income Tax Fundamentals level 1 image Individual Income Taxes level 1 image

 Intermediate Tax Course level 2 image Advanced Tax Course level 3 image Business Taxation Certification
Business Organizations Tax Certification Partnership Taxation Certification Taxation of Limited Liability Companies
S Corporation Taxation Certification Corporate Taxation Certification Taxation of Estates & Trusts Certification
Taxation of Compensation  & Benefits Course Estate and Gift Taxation Certification Individual Retirement Accounts Certification
Investment Taxation Certification Real Estate Taxation Certification Tax-Exempt Organization Certification
International Taxation Certification Professional Payroll Certification Full-Charge Bookkeeper Certification
Pass Enrolled Agent Exam Course Canadian Tax Principles Certification Canadian Income Taxation Certification


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