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Welcome to our tax school in Dallas. Our school provides the required education for state, Texas, and IRS continuing education in taxes. Our tax school provides IRS EA CPE and tax education for IRS, Enrolled Agents, Texas approved consultants and all IRS tax preparers. Our tax school and education program satisfies the new IRS tax education laws for tax preparers. Our IRS Continuing tax Education Number is CCWXA for IRS Preparer education, and IRS Enrolled Agent education. Our Texas tax school also prepares you for the IRS competency exam preparation.
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Now Complying with Texas Education requirements,

& IRS Education requirements has become very EASY!

Congratulations! on your excellent tax school and tax education choice!

Start our Texas tax school and education in taxes, even before you register for the tax school education. Our Texas tax school is your best choice for the new IRS tax education requirements and Texas and IRS certification and license renewal to prepare taxes in Dallas legally.

Important: IRS CE is only mandatory for enrolled agents (EAs), and enrolled retirement plan agents (ERPA's). Participation in CE by all other federal tax return preparers is now voluntary. CTEC, Maryland, New York and Oregon preparers continue with state education requirements as before.

On Friday February 1, 2013, the court modified its order to clarify that the order does not affect the requirement for all paid tax return preparers to obtain a preparer tax identification number (PTIN).

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Complete your state, Texas and IRS continuing education requirement online!

We report IRS Tax Education electronically!


Tax school IRS accreditation:

IRS Approved Continuing Education Provider

Our tax school is Listed with IRS as  Anthony-Heras

We at our Dallas tax school are so confident you will achieve your education goals that we back up our education with an Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our tax school and taxes education, get a full refund any time within 90 days of education purchase with no questions asked, refund of your tax school order. With our Texas school of taxes you get education and peace of mind.

If you have no time to attend tax school and become Texas and IRS compliant, you've come to the right place. We, at our tax school have made Texas and IRS compliance, education and attending tax school and doing taxes easy. It's your option to attend in the daytime or evening at our Texas tax school. Now you can attend taxes and tax school anytime. With our online Texas and IRS approved tax school, you can complete your tax school requirement at 3 A.M. if you want. How fast and when to complete the Texas tax school is your choice. Our Texas tax school and online education can be completed online anywhere. You can even obtain a Texas tax school completion certificate online. To become a Texas tax preparer or a Texas professional in preparation of taxes, you need to attend our required tax school seminars or our tax school classes. Enroll today! Our online Texas tax school and courses are the best!

Complete our Texas tax school program soon and be ready for taxes and tax-season. Once you complete the required tax school education, you will have satisfied the tax school requirements for Texas, become certified to do taxes and start a tax business in Texas. You don't need IRS experience or previous education in taxes to complete the Texas tax school certification program. In our Texas tax school, you will have mastered preparation of taxes for individuals, business and entity taxes. Do the education now! This is your one chance in Texas to succeed in an exciting career in taxes! Register for the tax school online education and master taxes and the IRS procedures today! Start our Texas tax school and start getting to know the IRS even before you pay. No tax school in Texas does that!

Satisfy the Texas professional tax education and IRS requirements to do taxes with our Texas and IRS approved tax school. Our tax school in Texas is certified required IRS tax school and Texas preparer education in taxes. Keep your education active by constantly going to IRS nationwide education on taxes and IRS education and training seminars in taxes in addition to tax school completion. Mett your education goals! Enroll in our Texas tax school program today! Take the required IRS ethics education, approved tax school courses on IRS updates education and all Texas taxes & IRS education requirements here with us!

We organized our tax school in 1996 to certify Texas professionals in taxes. We are your Texas tax school and we have approved courses in taxes ready for you to become a certified Texas tax preparer or certified Texas interviewer and IRS knowledgeable with the best education. We wanted our Texas tax school to be greater school for IRS certified professionals of taxes. Our tax school will help you become a Texas certified and IRS accredited preparer. Our tax school is certified with qualifying Texas taxes education and acquire your license in taxes. We provide the approved Texas and IRS education in taxes.

Our online Texas tax school and training in taxes will help you start making money doing taxes and our Texas tax school professional education program is the fastest way to attain this approved Texas & IRS education. It is up to you how fast you want to complete the approved online tax school. You can even complete the Texas and IRS required tax school and education for basic certification in less than a month. Our Texas tax school and self study education can be completed in short tax education sections. Our approved Texas correspondence education, Texas tax school and training in taxes and the home study education in taxes is approved education to meet all Texas and IRS qualifications of preparer of taxes.

Use our Texas and IRS approved tax school and education in taxes today. Enroll with our Texas tax school to start preparing taxes, to work filing taxes, deal with IRS problems or simply have the proper education and know how to prepare your taxes and be in compliance with your state, Texas and IRS. Once you complete our Texas tax school program, you will be able to earn extra income in taxes. Our online Texas and IRS approved tax school and education is for everyone to learn taxes. Learning taxes with our Texas and IRS approved tax school is easy. Our Texas and IRS approved tax school is education designed to certify you in a career in preparation of taxes.

Become an approved expert preparer of taxes with our approved Texas and IRS accredited tax school. We are an approved tax school and education institution offering tax preparer education to Texas professionals preparing taxes, IRS enrolled agents and required IRS education for Texas and all states. Our Texas and IRS approved tax school is also an approved tax school for Oregon continuing tax education.

Complete your Texas tax school training program in half the time for required approved education. Why spend three months to complete the required tax school education, when you can complete the approved tax school and education in as little as three weeks? You can start your Texas tax school education plan even before paying. You can complete as many education topics in taxes as you like before you decide you to enroll in our Texas and IRS approved tax school education.

No prior tax school, education or taxes experience necessary to enroll in our approved Texas tax school. Make the time to enroll in a class education setting or join our Texas and IRS approved tax school online. The Texas Online tax school or Texas correspondence tax school is the same school approved education in taxes. Both tax school education plans are approved IRS tax school in Texas. Texas study education material and IRS education requirements in mastering taxes are key. Our Texas tax school is here for you. Use our Texas approved education from our IRS approved Texas tax school to do taxes for IRS in Texas.

Escuela de impuestos y IRS taxes en Espanol en Texas. Texas tax school in Spanish. Interested in an approved tax school and education in Spanish in Texas?

Contact us about IRS approved tax school in Texas for preparer continuing education, federal continuing, IRS EA, or Texas tax education courses:

    Contact instructor at Heras Income Tax School dot com

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