Topics for Tax Professional Certification

The following tax certification material is what a tax professional should know to be considered well-learned in tax matters. The tax professional who has successfully attained the following knowledge, we believe, will have demonstrated sufficient competence in taxation.

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This course consists of 2 levels that will help you become well-learned knowledgeable tax  professional. Most states, including California only require you to attain tax knowledge that is included up to topic 30 of this syllabus. Once you complete topic 30 and the exams (and additional hours for your state, if any), we will issue your certificate of completion for level 1 which satisfies the tax education requirements for most states.

In our effort to comply with and support the new IRS tax education requirements and efforts in the improvement of tax professional education, we wish you will consider completing both level 1 and level 2 of this program. Upon completion of both levels we will issue you a frame-able professional certificate of completion. Tax professionals who study well and who successfully complete level 1 and 2 of this tax course with a grade point average of 90% or better can sit for the IRS EA exam with confidence.      

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Level 1:


Topic 1 Introduction to Taxation
Topic 2 Filing Basics
Topic 3 Taxable and Non-Taxable Income

Exam 1

Topic 4 Medical and Dental Expenses
Topic 5 Homeowner Itemized Deductions
Topic 6 Job Related Tax Deductions
Topic 7 Casualties & Theft Losses
Topic 8 Charitable Contributions

Exam 2

Topic 9 Child Tax Credit and Additional Child Tax Credit
Topic 10 Earned Income Tax Credit
Topic 11 Child and Dependent Expenses Credit
Topic 12 Education and Education Tax Credits
Topic 13 Tax Provisions for the Elderly and the Disabled

Exam 3

 (This is the Midterm Exam for level 1)
Topic 14 Self Employment Income and Tax
Topic 15 Deducting Business Expenses
Topic 16 Tax Deductions for Depreciation
Topic 17 Social Security and Medicare Taxes

Exam 4

Topic 18 Rental Income and Expenses
Topic 19 Selling Your Property
Topic 20 Investment Income and Expenses
Topic 21 Social Security and Equivalent Railroad Retirement Benefits
Topic 22 Contributions for IRAs and Pension Plans
Topic 23 Pension and Annuity Income

Exam 5

Topic 24 Divorced or Separated Individuals
Topic 25 Tax Withholding and Estimated Tax
Topic 26 Moving Expenses
Topic 27 Calculation of Other Taxes
Topic 28 Obligations of Authorized IRS E-File Providers
Topic 29 Dealing with Tax Audits
Topic 30 Ethics of Practice

Exam 6

  (This is the Final Exam for level 1)
  Go to your state for additional hours required for level 1 certification.
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